Be Nice



  • Boundaries - An escort service is based on discretion. I don't ask invasive questions relating to your personal life & I expect the same common courtesy by return.  Never expect my time for free. I'm here to provide you with a professional service.  Should I feel threatened in any way, the booking will be immediately terminated. 
  • Cancellations - Should someone not arrive & there's no communication, I would ask for a £20 electronic deposit on the next attempt to take the request seriously. 
  • Consent - my limits are clearly defined in my services section. Ask me if you are not sure before booking me or doing something that may cause offense during out time together. 
  • Discretion - always private & quiet in my comings & goings, I expect the same from my guests. Lack of discretion may result in an immediate cancellation of your booking.​
  • Hygiene -  I'll greet you with a well turned out fresh appearance. I appreciate the same mindset from my clients. Showering is always on offer. Lack of personal hygiene is of course a massive turn off & may result in termination of the booking.
  •  Information - Please provide as many details as possible  before meeting. This also is to avoid any confusion or discrepancy on either party. 
  •  Intoxication - for my safety, I reserve the right to refuse the company of intoxicated people.  Just as you would expect me to be compos mentis for our time together.
  • Payment - cash is  always expected upfront. This rule applies to everyone. 5% is added for card payments to cover my extra admin fees. 
  • Respect - ​I work on mutual respect, treat me with dignity as I will always extend this common courtesy towards you. ​ Disrespectful clients will be shown the door.
  • Sexting -  This is NOT part of my service. If you need extra titivation before meeting, an electronic voucher will be required to cover my extra time.